Free Letters of Complaint
Yearbook Message Friend Goodbye Letter

Dear {Recipient},

I am going to fill this whole page with my marker, because true friendship is defined by the amount of real estate you get in someone's yearbook. Prepare yourself for larger fonts if I run out of reasons why you're so awesome.

So. Reason #1: {Defining personality trait}. In order to cite my sources for the sake of posterity, I will remind you that you once {put a couch on the gym roof/bought me an ice cream sundae/loaned out your notes} just to be the best person I've ever met. So far, you're doing a great job.

Reason #2: You are absolutely amazing at {school subject/extracurricular activity}. If there isn't a statue devoted to you in the entrance to the cafeteria at our 10-year reunion I will be surprised. I can't believe Principal {Name} is even letting you graduate.

Reason #3: You have always been so cool and kind to me since {age/grade}. I will miss seeing your {defining feature} every day on the way to {class} and I'm certain we'll find a way to see each other after graduation.

{Personal memory or catchphrase}.

- {Sender}

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