Free Letters of Complaint
Goodbye Letter to Alcohol and Drugs Goodbye Letter

Dear {Name of Drug},

We've known each other a long time. You were my buddy, my copilot, and my stress reliever for {number} years. I used to think that made us best friends, getting through the hard times together. Now I understand that you were the cause of a lot of those hard times, not the solution.

Remember the first time we got together? I was {number} years old and I had no idea that addiction could ever happen to me. It was just fun, just relaxing. That first time we went out and did {event}, I remember feeling {happy, relieved, energetic, sick, excited, etc.}. By the time I'd had done it {number} times, it was no longer a choice to hang out with you. I was hooked. My {husband/wife}, kids, job-none of them were worth as much to me as you were.

I see now how dangerous such a relationship this is. You've given me the illusion of happiness, but never the real thing. How many times did you make me end up in {dangerous situation}? People could have been killed. I was nearly one of them. It's time for me to repair my relationships and start a new life. I've moved on, so don't bother coming to look for me.

I've changed the locks.

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