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Goodbye Letter Teammates Goodbye Letter

I can't believe that I'm already a senior and getting ready to graduate. I'd like to thank everyone for being like a second family for the last four years, and to give advice to the newbies. If you're anything like I was as a freshman, you won't even bother listening.

To our coach, thank you so much for your dedication in making sure that I was the best {sport} player I could possibly be. Maybe that was a little disappointing on occasion, but you really taught me to give it my all. You're really an inspiration to me.

To my teammates who are also graduating this year, good luck, you guys! I'm so excited for everyone to go out into the world and have exciting adventures. I'm really going to miss you all.

Finally, to the new recruits, just remember this: work hard, train every day, don't take short cuts, and remember that a little brown nosing with the coach goes a long way!

Good luck, everyone!

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