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Goodbye Letter Gambling Goodbye Letter

Dear Gambling,

This is a break-up letter. I was so sad and so empty when I met you that I somehow thought that you were the right one for me. There were dopamine rushes and a sense of fulfillment at first, which really made me believe that getting involved with you was a good idea. Even, believe it or not, a financially sound one.

Here's what I realized recently, though. I have such high expectations when I'm with you. Not even that anymore-I just need to go through the motions, on the off chance that I might feel the way I used to in the beginning. But I haven't felt that good in a very long time. It's been {amount of time} since I got any pleasure out of this. Now I just feel hollow, and you're not helping. You're hurting me.

Recently I've moved away from you, and the result, though slow at first, was better than I'd hoped. There's so much meaning in life when I'm away from you. I actually spend time with my {friends, spouse, children, etc.} and it hurts to realize how much of my life has been wasted on you. So I'm leaving you. And I sincerely hope I never ever come back.


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