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End of Life Letter to Spouse Goodbye Letter

This is the hardest letter I've ever had to write, but it's also the most important. While I can tell you that I love you every day until the end, it's still essential to me that I leave you with something indelible after I'm gone.

All this time you have been so amazingly strong and supportive. I could not ask for a better {husband/wife}. I find myself with less sadness and fear as I reach the end of my life, because I know that I have experienced things that very few people do. I have had a {husband/wife} whom I love with all my heart and who has been unswervingly devoted to me in return. I have had {number} children who make me prouder than I can say.

Know that when I am gone I still love you the same, and remain with you-in our home of {number} years, in the faces of our beautiful children, and in our love for each other. You have always been the best part of me.

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