Free Letters of Complaint
Goodbye Letter to Fat Goodbye Letter

Dear Fat,

I've been seeing far too much of your ugly mug around this place for far too long. It's time you and me had a little talk.

Frankly, Fat, you're not needed around here any more. A little bit of you can stay, sure, but I want you to know that about {number of pounds} of you is headed out the door permanently. That's right, Fat. We're through.

So, why don't you go ahead and pack up your stuff? Pack up the cravings, and the laziness, and the clothes that fit too tight. Pack up the self-loathing, the fatigue, and the unhealthy feelings too. In fact, just take all the negativity you've been keeping around here with you. I don't need any of it any more.

You are being evicted, Fat. Your lease is up on {goal weight loss day}. Get ready, get packing, and get gone.

Bon voyage!


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