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Dear Cheating {Expletive},

I'm guessing you didn't realize that I'd found out about your "other" {man/woman}, so I thought I'd start this letter off as straightforwardly as possible. I know you cheated on me. I know you lied about it. And at this juncture it is fairly pointless for me to sit and listen to some half-baked explanation from you, since I obviously cannot trust you at all. So I'm not even going to give you the chance. I'm out of this mess.

I'm not going to ask "How could you?" or tell you that you broke my heart. Obviously you knew how this would make me feel, or you wouldn't have tried to hide it from me. Clearly you are not the person I thought I knew, the {boyfriend/girlfriend} I trusted. You have made me feel small, used, and worthless, and I know that I'm better than that.

I'm aware that we had problems, but you should have had the decency to address them, express your doubts, or tell me how you felt. This behavior was disgusting and inexcusable. The only positive I can possibly see in this is that I will no longer be wasting any of my time on you. So thanks for that, I guess.

Don't ever contact me again.


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