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Goodbye Letter Soldier Romantic Goodbye Letter

Dear {Recipient},

I want to start this letter off by saying I understand why you have to leave. You are the bravest, noblest, and most loyal person I have ever met. I am so proud of you for enlisting in the {military branch}. Also, you look absolutely phenomenal in that uniform.

That being said, I am so miserably sad that you are leaving. I have no idea what I will do without you for {number} months. Well, that's a lie. I do know. I will miss you every day. I will think about you every minute. And I will write you letters, whether you actually get them or not. Mostly, I will continue you to love you from afar, and wait eagerly for you to come back to me.

Since we'll be apart for so long, please take this letter with you, as the world's smallest proof of my never-ceasing affections. The next time you feel lonely or out of sorts in an alien place, remember that I love you more than I ever thought possible. I love you as you are now and I will love you no matter how much you've changed when you come home. You and I were meant to be together, to love and support each other, and to grow old together. Don't forget that. Come home to me soon.



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