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Dear {Recipient},

As many of you may know, today is my last day. I wanted to thank many of you for your small, everyday kindnesses. I'd like to thank some of you for your wonderful friendship and all of you for your professional behavior.

More than anything, though, I would like to apologize now for any hurt that I caused or mistakes that I made that were a bother or inconvenience to others. Specifically, I would like to say that I am sorry for {behavior}. It was rude, unprofessional and uncalled for. While I know that an excuse ruins an apology, please believe that I did not intend to hurt anyone, and much of my lapse in judgment was caused by {reason}.

I have had a wonderful time working with all of you at this company and I am looking forward to new challenges in the future. Please keep in contact with me through {contact information}. Best of luck to each of you.



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