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Goodbye Baby Goodbye Letter

Dearest {Baby},

A parent should never, ever have to feel this way. It isn't right that you should only have {amount of time} on this earth when I've already had so much. No length of time would be enough, but losing you this young is devastating.

There was never anything I could have said to you while you were alive to offer you wisdom or comfort or peace, and so I am writing this letter in the hopes that merely sending it out into the ether will let you know that I will always love you and that you will always be remembered.

I grieve for you every single day. Not just for the beautiful, curious, breathtaking miracle that you were, but for the brilliant, adventurous, loving and caring adult you will never become. I mourn for the life full of peaches and training wheels and sticky Popsicles and first kisses and diplomas and sunsets on beaches that you will never get to experience. I want those things for you so badly. I am trying to learn to live in a world that takes away children before they are even capable of experiencing it.

I miss you and ache for you today, as I will for the rest of my life. I love you always.



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