Free Letters of Complaint
Farewell Letter to Students and Parents Goodbye Letter

Dear Students and Parents,

It's been quite a year, hasn't it? Between the {project students worked on, class field trip, etc.} and the {another event from the school year}, we have learned a great deal and maybe even had a little fun while doing it.

Students, I have enjoyed being your teacher this year. It's rewarding when a teacher is able to get a class full of children who are eager to learn and willing to do the hard work necessary. You should be proud of the work you accomplished, both individually and as a class.

Parents, it was a pleasure having your children in my classroom this year. I hope you have been pleased with their progress in {subjects the teacher focused on}. They all have shown excellent promise for their future academic endeavors.

I will miss all of you next year, but I wish you the best of luck in the future.



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